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See how voters are reacting to Trump tax bombshell report
9/28/2020 7:51 PM
• Analysis: How Donald Trump will be on the ballot, again, in 2022 • Analysis: Don"t miss the Ivanka Trump bombshell buried in the Times tax story ...Read More
Here are six things to look for in the first Biden-Trump presidential debate
9/29/2020 3:13 PM
Read Biden and Harris" tax returns | How to watch the debate ...Read More
Biden and Trump will face off tonight in the first presidential debate of 2020
9/29/2020 6:30 PM
...Read More
Biden and Trump prepare for a debate that could turn personal
9/29/2020 3:15 PM
Inside the map room of the White House, a small group of advisers sat around a table and peppered the President with accusations and criticisms about everything from lying to incompetence. The team, led by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, was getting Donald Trump prepared for the onslaught they expect from Joe Biden on the debate stage Tuesda...Read More
Before debate, Biden reveals he paid nearly $300,000 in federal income taxes in 2019
9/29/2020 3:20 PM
...Read More
Analysis: Tax returns show the secret of Trump"s success
9/29/2020 12:46 PM
President Donald Trump likes to tell people he made his fortune building things. ...Read More
Cohen on Trump"s finances: He may never recover
9/29/2020 7:47 AM
President Trump"s former attorney Michael Cohen speaks to CNN"s Alisyn Camerota about The New York Times" reporting on Trump"s tax returns. ...Read More
Opinion: How Trump can win tonight
1/1/0001 12:00 AM
...Read More
Revelations on Trump"s tax returns stoke long-held national security concerns
9/29/2020 8:04 AM
The likelihood that President Donald Trump personally owes unknown creditors hundreds of millions of dollars has raised concerns about how the President"s financial entanglements could influence his national security decisions, former officials and experts say. Read More
Mueller defends investigation after team member criticizes Russia probe
9/29/2020 5:42 PM
Former special counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday defended his Russia investigation after a former lead prosecutor on the team published a book sharply critical of final decisions not to subpoena President Donald Trump for testimony or pursue a financial autopsy of his records during the probe. Read More

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