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Trump presidency is infused with white identity politics
8/17/2017 9:51 PM
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2 GOP senators question Trump"s competence
8/17/2017 5:31 PM
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Analysis: Corker just went there on Trump
8/17/2017 5:32 PM
Bob Corker is no Donald Trump hater. Which makes what the Tennessee Republican senator said Thursday about the President all the more powerful. ...Read More
These Trump voters back him on Charlottesville
8/16/2017 7:04 PM
Supporters in Kentucky react to President Trump"s comments on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. CNN"s Brynn Gingras reports. ...Read More
Scott: Trump"s "moral authority is compromised"
8/17/2017 8:06 PM
Sen. Tim Scott added his voice Thursday to the chorus of Republican criticism over President Donald Trump"s comments on the racially motivated protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, saying his moral authority was compromised by his statements. Read More
GOP senators strike back in Trump"s war of words
8/17/2017 9:31 PM
Sen. Bob Corker"s questioning of the President"s competence Thursday is the starkest signal yet that Republican senators are returning fire in the public and pointed battle Donald Trump has waged with members of his own party. ...Read More
LIVE UPDATES: 2nd possible terror attack in Spain
8/17/2017 10:50 PM
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Prime Minister calls van attack "jihadi terrorism"
8/17/2017 10:53 PM
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How the Barcelona attack happened
8/17/2017 6:07 PM
Many people have been killed and injured after a van plowed through a crowd on Las Ramblas avenue in Barcelona, Spain. ...Read More
Witness: Attack sent "tidal wave" of people running from scene
8/17/2017 8:45 PM
People on the scene recount what it was like as a van plowed through a crowded plaza in a popular Barcelona area ...Read More

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